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    Adidas Originals brand's partial lifestyle series launched products always meet the fashion trend of people want, recently debuted adidas Originals Adi nmd series, grand comparable sales lined up overnight to buy Apple, Adidas nmd how much magic can escape cause a trend not a small movement, then Xiaobian detailed Adi nmd.

    adidas soccer cleats predator ? Gnaw a little curse means, in fact Adidas nmd is "NO MAD" shorthand, translated into Chinese is "not crazy. Not crazy," but in real life, Adi nmd series was released scene is quite crazy ah, grasping That could not visual sense, a lot of first-tier cities Beijing, Shanghai spate of queuing overnight to buy shoes scene.

    adidas indoor soccer shoes is a design for urban jogger shoes, combines Micro Pacer, Rising Star and Boston Super three classic sports shoe design, it will feature three classical sports shoes Adidas nmd build in, to a large visible Adi dry a determination.

    adidas f50 sale are inseparable from any discussion of a topic of color. 2016 spring and summer there are 25 NMD color, adidas nmd color more shoes really satisfy fans of visual desire, the classic color spared taken a variety of color module, including the classic gray color, original color among red and blue, etc. These are the small series to collect a variety of super feeling Adidas nmd.

    adidas womens soccer cleats tide not only in design, but shoes shoes fans will not satisfy fans NMD is "vase shoes." Adi also spared in nmd science and technology, the use of having a damping effect boost Sole: base boost technology with its unique cushioning material for the center to provide superior energy feedback, in addition to ensure stability in any situation and status cushioning effect.

    Adidas nmd vamp vamp braiding Primeknit technology (except suede uppers version) guaranteed breathable elastic mesh material provides comfort fit, shoes have also pigment material, the adidas nmd offer price is how much?

    Adi NMD "star effect" and let's do kung fu, a star of the big V fan base but immeasurable, made a few wearing shoes adidas nmd trend outfit, successfully lifted a majority of fans to buy.

    Currently Adidas official price has not been disclosed in the Chinese market, the original reference to foreign Adi Adi nmd official website of the data: the US price of $ 120 (about 782.7 yuan), the price of 90 British pounds (about 825.7 yuan), Hong Kong priced at HK $ 1700 (about 1428.4 yuan).

    Although adidas soccer cleats on sale has always insisted that "sports brand" instead of "fashion brand", but Adidas Originals series formed in the early influx of people into a "fashion brand" concept, has a solid fan base, so Adi nmd series has not appeared, shoes, fans have started to plan to buy shoes Raiders, and even prepared in advance may not be able to buy, visible Adi NMD series popular.